United Airlines incident (April 2017)
United Airlines made global news headlines when a viral video was published showing them dragging a passenger off one of their flights. Rather than apologizing for the incident, their CEO reinforced the crew's actions. This became the joke for responses by many airlines worldwide.
Using my experience in Adobe Photoshop, I created a near-identical look of the Apple App Store to parody an app update. This also included a subtle tease towards a special announcement on April 24, 2017.
Recreated a near-identical look of the Apple App Store with a parody app update to the app using Adobe Photoshop.
These are some of the major news outlets that covered the above published tweet.
"No Borders, Only Horizons"
As part of a special YouTube campaign "No Borders, Only Horizons" that I ran and managed, Ad Age featured it as one of the "Top viral videos" in June 2017.
"No Borders, Only Horizons" video that has garnered more than 1M video views and was featured by Ad Age in June 2017.
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