Usually when new features are being tested, it's done in more mature established markets (e.g. USA, UK, India, etc.). This discovery made by me showed up for an account in Qatar, and the news started to spread wildly when Matt published it attributing the source to me.
Mashable (Middle East, India)
This new discovery was made when I was uploading a video to YouTube, and then tipped off Matt Navarra about it. Got picked up by the following publications.
Turns out that certain publications started covering it but the content of their wrote up hints that they were briefed by YouTube under strict embargo. This is evident from The Verge publishing the same news not referencing the tweet that came out before their story.
Even 9to5Google referenced the tweet by linking to it, but it seems they also discovered it before but didn't publicize it. It's likely that the feature was scheduled to roll out soon.
As TikTok's popularity was growing, I was casually browsing through the app when I stumbled upon this new addition that would apply to Businesses.
Tipped off Matt Navarra and was picked up by a few publications
Being a frequent Pinterest user, I stumbled upon this new discovery on my Android device and didn't even see it on the iOS version.
Got picked up by a social media publication, only to be officially confirmed by Pinterest that it's rolling out to creators.
Featured by LinkedIn News
As an independent tech blogger in the Middle East, I was closely following the news on Spotify's official launch in the Middle East region. When I shared an update from my own account, it was picked up by the LinkedIn Editors team and featured among some of the curated pieces of content.
You can visit the dedicated page here on LinkedIn for more details.
The last time I was featured by the LinkedIn Editors was in relation to the Spotify MENA launch. One year later, the same team featured me again on a very interesting topic that I posted about linking to a Forbes article.
You can visit the dedicated page here on LinkedIn for more details.
What a way to start off 2020 by sharing potential news that Anghami was looking to be sold or acquired, given that their international competitors Deezer and Spotify have made significant inroads into the Middle East region.
You can visit the dedicated page here on LinkedIn for more details.
This was a topic that would definitely put things to the test, given the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Middle East, the employment system requires job applicants to have university degrees before they're issued authorization to legally move and work in the region.
Many global companies had announced previously that they would degree requirements from the job application process, focusing solely on skills. Quite an interesting topic and my comment reply was featured by the LinkedIn News editors
I seem to be on a roll in chiming in during key conversation topics. My update was featured again by the LinkedIn News team, following the recent news of diplomatic relations being restored to Qatar.
News of Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund (Public Investment Fund) taking a small stake in Nintendo began circulating, and my LinkedIn update was picked up by the LinkedIn News team
A recent poll by the LinkedIn News Team put the spotlight on the ongoing degrees vs skills debate, and my reshared opinion caught their attention which led to my update being featured.
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