Who am I?
I went to Carnegie Mellon University Qatar for my Undergraduate Degree. At my time, Facebook was still meant only for college students - only to open up to the general public a year later. Got onto Twitter and LinkedIn during my college years, and I saw the potential in these platforms as many more popped up.
While they were referred to as Web 2.0, the word "social media" slowly started to permeate through these networks. I knew that I had to get ahead of this curve.
Though I enrolled to pursue a Computer Science degree due to my knack for programming, I switched to Information Systems hence had my graduation in late 2010 (walked in 2011). 
Finding a full-time job in the region was quite a challenge especially when there was a subtle yet big focus to hire citizens even for entry-level roles, but I used the time to freelance and upskill in Doha.
My big break came in late November 2012 when I was head-hunted via LinkedIn and few contacts. The role was to fill a position at Qatar Airways on their nascent social media team. Following that big break, it's been up and away as I used my personal knowledge and experience to help elevate the organization and learn new skills disrupting the changing digital landscape.

Visiting the LinkedIn New York office for some work insights

It's not just about work
On the side, I've kept my habit of blogging alive especially being an avid techie and geek. In addition, have a passion for community well-being and using the power of social media for good. Hence, worked with few select individuals to help organize community events that never have a commercial focus but helps to bring people together.
The blogging activity got me invited to many global tech events including MWC, CES, TED, and even going to SXSW. Each of these major industry events has been a melting pot for me to learn and practice something new.
Getting the opportunity to explore the world has really made me more culturally adept.
What fuels me?
I have a habit of punching above my weight and taking risks, even though in many corporations they have such a rigid structure that is risk-averse. If it wasn't for risk-taking with the likes of the current global tech companies, they wouldn't have come this far with the success they've accumulated.
That's what fuels my passion.
Want to contact me?
Thank you for contacting me. Give me a few days to check your message and I'll respond back.
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