Live Passion
Further tapping into the portfolio of sports sponsorships, we launched a new series of Instagram Live chats featuring pilots and sports personalities.
Videography and Photography
Many people had questions related to cabin crew, and this project allowed us to answer as many of them from an actual crew member.
Prior filming along with B-roll filming recently done helped create a new video to showcase the strength of the aircraft in helping the airline regrow its network.
As one of the only airlines to be given authority in helping to repatriate Argentinians back to their home country, I helped in filming this special commercial flight including a passenger testimonial.
Filming at the airport for the departure of this flight, including a person's testimonial and onboard filming before departure.
Women working in the Qatar Airways Group were being given a tour of the hangar facilities, and i was responsible for the photography infront of our aircraft
Involved in the interview filming

This is project that really took a lot of effort, as I worked to help find cabin crew whose stories would really resonate with the public during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of the crew rose up to the challenge in supporting the company, and I was involve din the organizing and filming. Videography work at: 0:00-0:02, 0:07-0:12, 0:16-0:25, 0:29-0:35, 0:38-0:40, 0:48-0:50, 0:59-1:10, 1:13-1:16, and 1:23-1:25.

As part of the airline's plan to send a special convoy of medical supplies to China to help combat the coronavirus threat, I helped in filming most of the segments that have been edited into the final video (also includes filming from the top of the ATC tower of the airport).

As part of ICAO's 75 anniversary and jointly to celebrate International Civil Aviation Day, this was a special activity where ICAO-branded teddy bears were given away to children at Hamad International Airport.

An all-female crew flight to Zurich as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Videography work done at: 0:03-0:04, 0:10, 0:17 - 0:22, and 0:33 (take-off scene)
Videography work at: 0:00-0:03, 0:27-0:33, 1:16, 1:22-1:24, 1:46-1:50, 1:58-2:02, 2:19-2:23, 2:27-2:30, 2:49-2:57, 3:01, 3:07-3:31, and 4:38-4:40.
Videography work done at: 0:00-0:18, 0:29-0:34, and 0:47-0:48
On-board filming and edited using Premiere Pro.
Editing work using Adobe Premiere Pro
Editing work using Adobe After Effects
The video for the launch to Krabi, Thailand generated more than 950K Reach on Facebook, which garnered more than 200K video views. The video was edited and published in a span of 24 hours after the launch of the flight. Includes onboard filming by me.
Working with the corporate photographer, we decided to do a stopmotion unboxing of a new style of amenity kits that debuted for Premium passengers. Shot using Canon DSLR and edited together on Adobe Premiere Pro.
Videography for this event was done by me using a Canon DSLR.
To celebrate Mother's Day, we did a special activity where we gave away baskets of fresh produce to mothers attending the Qatar International Food Festival 2019. Videography for this was done by me.

I was sent on the inaugural flight to Birmingham, UK to promote the new destination. As part of the content work, I had done a bit of photography with some of our cabin crew across key landmarks.

Videography work done for International Women's Day 2016
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